2022 Vision Board

February 1, 2022
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The year 2022 is already in full swing and you might be starting to struggle with your new year’s resolutions.

In previous year’s I’ve also struggled tremendously with this ‘tradition’, but I’ve decided to make a Mindshift this year: instead of focusing on superficial goals like losing weight or worrying less, I’ve decided to look at the WHY.

Why, you ask? The answer is quite simple. By asking yourself WHY you want to lose weight you can figure out what the motivation behind a wish – or resolution – is. My WHY was: I want to look after my body better, I want to honour my body and feed it nutritious food as a way of thanking it for keeping me alive each day, for helping me carry out certain tasks every day and as a way of feeding my soul and taking care of my mental health. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am an emotional eater, and my go-to meal is usually pasta or a burger, but I realised upon introspection that I never felt ‘better’ afterwards. My body was sluggish, and my heart rate would jump through the roof (not good for someone battling anxiety everyday), so I made myself a promise:

If I want a burger, I will eat the burger, but after asking myself WHY I wanted one. Was I masking any feelings behind that craving? If the answer was ‘yes’, I would look at other options of dealing with that emotion – maybe I was tired and needed a rest, maybe I was anxious or felt a bit down and I just really needed to meditate, maybe I had a bad day and was trying to eat myself into a better mood. If I checked my WHY and there was nothing triggering me and I still wanted a comfort meal, I will 100% eat that meal.

Food is just an example. You can use any example that works for you but looking at the WHY made an enormous difference in how I look after my body and how I feel about this precious instrument.

This is all good and well as a concept, but accountability is also important: You need to hold yourself accountable for your actions and resolutions. This can be done in several ways, through journaling, meditation, year plans vision boards and even Pinterest, (Yes, really).

Personally, I’ve found that a vision board works for me, especially an electronic one that I made on canva (a free online design tool) with images I found on Pinterest as well as affirmations that resonated with me.


The completed vision board is now my wallpaper on all my electronic devices and is also saved on my note’s-app on my phone and iPad (because I use it a lot). If you use WhatsApp a lot, make it your screensaver or print it out and paste it against your mirror or fridge, but sharing your vision board with others in your home might be triggering and may lead to accountability from other instead of just for yourself.

Here is an idea of a mock-up vision board to help inspire you to give this major lifestyle adaptation a ‘go’.


I hope this serves as a bit of encouragement for the new year and that you will have as much fun creating your vision board as I did.

Share your thoughts in the comments.

Love and Accountability,

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